Stunningly beautiful coastline that stretches on forever. Harley Davidsons parade up and down quite literally all day long. The motorcycle equivalent to the British MAMIL, (Middle Aged Men in Leather), the louder the bike the more important, but I am a little jealous, being a biker myself; this is one of the best roads you could ask for to cruise on a motorcycle. I even started to come around to the Harley “Bobber” style, and may have added one to my bike wish list.


Early morning before the bikers had awoken and the sun wasn’t quite at full strength, the cyclists were out in their hundreds. Either the locals on their daily routine or tourists enjoying their pilgrimage to this amazing stretch of road, they all looked the part. If you can avoid the crazy driving you will be rewarded with one of the most stunning rides you will likely ever take.

This area is expensive! Try and buy your average grocery shop and multiply the cost by three. We found we couldn’t survive in this area for long on our budget, but decide to stay for a few days due to the picturesque views and the fact we are not likely to return.


We parked just outside Antibes along the beach front and wandered into town to search for Wi-Fi and a palatable coffee. We found the Wi-Fi!

On our return, we had found the van side window to have been forced open and Verity’s handbag taken. Fortunately, we never left anything of value in the van, and what seemed to be quite an annoying ritual, carrying all the laptops and documents in a ruc-sac everywhere, paid off.

Nothing of any monetary value was taken, but both pairs of Verity’s glasses, a book she was half-way through, her watch case, and a notepad. No use to anyone except her, and I’m sure was likely to have been discarded further down the road, although we couldn’t find any of it on searching.

Further to this they had broken the catch to the window, now leaving the van less secure. The little side window is really useful when cooking, or sitting in the back, to offer a little breeze, but I’m starting to think I should have gone for the solid glass instead, for security. This would mean you would have to break one of the windows, and you would really have to want to get in, rather than inviting your opportune thieves to have a quick go at the side window. You live and learn, and this affirmed to us that, despite the stunning views, we didn’t really like this area. It wasn’t the traditional France that we were looking for, with shops selling watches for 76,000 Euros it was an area of indulgence and plenty.


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