On our way over towards the west we contacted a workaway host who had a B&B in Quillan. A little town in the foothills of the Pyrenees boasting lakes, gorges and fast flowing rivers. This sounded great and maybe a little cooler than the south which had a very sun scorched feel to it. The host was in the UK and already had workaways for the up and coming months but we decided to head that way anyway to see what was there.

Be careful with satellite navigation in France, as if you don’t keep your wits about you, you will end up on a twisty road through the mountains, and you will be stuck on it for hours. The sat nav obviously thinks this is the fastest route as the speed limit would be ridiculous even for Louis Hamilton, whereas the actual speed you can safely drive is in the region of 20mph. Always look for a more direct route to override the sat nav’s lunacy. Maybe a good idea to store a Jerry can of spare fuel in case you get caught out. If you had chosen this route yourself, the drive through the mountains is ridiculous, with scenery you couldn’t even imagine when you’re typing away at your desk, but on a scorcher of a day with a fully loaded camper, it’s less than ideal.

Quillan was a great stop, we were fortunate enough to stumble across a free concert provided by the local Orchestre a Cordes – Les Cordes Des 4 Vents. They were a very talented group, but we were mostly amused by the conductor’s almost Saturday Night Fever type strut afterwards around the local church, which provided the venue.


We drove a little further out of town, following the river and came across a campervan parking area. This was a bit of a god send as the soaring temperatures were starting to bake my noodle. It was a grassy area with loads of tree cover sitting right on the river bank, in addition there was a campervan waste point and fresh water tap. We spent the following day by the river bank, perfect to catch up with ourselves and to recap on the trip so far.

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