This is a town up in the mountains, with around 300 residents in total, it’s pretty quiet. Best described as having sounds but no noise. This is where Anya the two year old Golden Retriever lives with her family. Together they all run another great little B&B – Le Petit Chateau. The house is an on-going project with a swimming pool nearing completion, not bad considering prior to the B&B transformation the house was unoccupied for around 20 years.  Most things are made fresh here, with a selection of jams and preserves for sale. This conveniently coincides with Verity’s latest food column topic which is based on Apricot Jam.

To source the ingredients for the Apricot Jam, we were directed to the nearby market of Esperanza, but we we’re also warned of the strange folk that surface on market day. referring to them as “funky people” was an extremely PC way to describe them, I would have personally been less kind. I guess travelling is about meeting people from all different walks of life, but I could probably afford to miss out the strange mix of carny/mountain people who would probably benefit from a wider gene pool. This is no reflection of the area in general, and I would highly recommend a visit as the views are ridiculous. With the haze that often clings to the surrounding mountains, it sometimes looks like it’s a CGI backdrop, maybe it is and we are in fact still in the Matrix, but I’m not ready for that crazy red pill just yet.

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