Letting Agents – Who’d have em?

I’m starting to really doubt whether I did the right thing renting my house out. Before I left I really made an effort to get the house in tip top condition. Should I have just sold it then? when it was looking perfect.

I thought if I rent it out, I will have a small income each month, that could possibly pay for fuel, and I will be secure for the future as property is one of the best ways to make your money work for you.  Interest rates don’t exist anymore, money just left in a bank account getting dusty will depreciate.

Unfortunately I’ve just had nothing but trouble with renting the house out, which has really cast a shadow over our European Road trip so far. Certainly having the money in the bank would empty my head of the constant worry of what if something breaks, is there an unexpected bill just around the corner, but would it be replaced with a guilty thought of I’m not achieving enough, I’m not being responsible and thinking about our future.

Maybe it’s just the letting agents being Rubbish! I have a suspicion that they purposely forget to point out work when they’re trying to gain your business, then once the tenancy agreement is signed all the little costly jobs start to appear. I’ve had three months to put everything straight, but they wait until I’m in another country and powerless to inform me. If I were a little more sceptical I may think they could be earning a decent commission for all the work they give out to the various trades.

Do I try and get insurance for everything. Insurance really goes against the grain for me, it’s another form of control to keep us paying in every month, but I feel absolutely powerless when I’m away and can’t do anything but pay out.

Selling up and buying a French house out right is starting to sound good to me. Living the good life, but which is the right path; Margo’s side of the fence or the neighbours?

I think the answer is to keep on travelling, tackling problems as they arrive, and not to worry so much over things that haven’t even happened. I think I’m still transitioning into this new way of life and continue to have a few “what ifs” lurking around in my head, trying to tie me to a more stressful path. I really struggle with not knowing, but that’s the whole point.

Maybe I should just spray the van yellow, grow a beard, tie a scarf around my head and live in the moment mann!


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