Biarritz/La Plage d’Ondres

We finally made it over to Biarritz, which didn’t actually take too long and was a nice scenic drive, to find a really cool city with a young buzzing vibe. The kind of place I would have loved to holiday at when I was working and bringing in some decent money. Turning up in a van in my shorts and a tee shirt that could do with a wash didn’t have the same feel. There’s a mix of young professionals and tourist all nicely dressed and enjoying the many restaurants and bars, not quite what we’re looking for on this trip also we have security issues when we park the van up in city environments such as this, so we head for the outskirts to try and find a quieter spot where the van will blend in better with the surroundings. Looking forward to catching a train back into the centre of Biarritz though, I’m sure we can spend a day or so exploring, or failing that sat in a nice beach side café/bar.

We’ve found a car park on the beach at la Plage d’Ondres, that has a designated section for campers and motorhomes. They charge 8 Euros a night, but have really good facilities. There’s a few toilets, a cold only beach shower, Wi-Fi at the local bars, water top up and electric plug in point.

There’s an Intermarche just down the road (driving, or cycling) and you are right on a very popular surf beach. This is a great find for campervans. I will be pleased if this saves just one person the trouble of having to hunt around for decent spots to park, as I would love find other people’s blogs for camp spots. It can be quite exhausting hunting for a spot to camp in a new place, as you have to weigh up security, facilities, is it worth spending time in this place etc.




We feel like we’re starting to need some purpose to the trip, just bumming around and hanging out at the beach is fun, but it’s not fulfilling. There’s definitely a hole that needs to be filled, but we’re not quite sure what to fill it with yet. Maybe we need to utilise our free time better, we could possibly put more emphasis on learning languages, or maybe we need to just keep on the move, are we just loitering in one place too long.


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