Travel is the Elixir for the soul

This is an old saying that is true for many people, it’s widely believed that through travel you can discover more about yourself and possible become a grounded and all-round better person. I’ve had a lot of time recently to think about what this means to me, and what has ultimately led me down this path.

Fundamentally I place a lot of value in your gut feeling, throughout my life and more intentionally from my early twenties I became more in tune with the idea that you should listen to your gut feeling, stick to what you believe is the truth and work hard at everything you do. If you follow these simple rules everything will work out fine for you, and mostly this had been the case. I had a nice house, and a successful career, and I had worked myself into a comfortable position in life.

This is where another fundamental belief of mine has started to take over. The idea of equilibrium, (natures balance) and in particular my brain trying to save itself. This is quite an extreme way of saying it, but there’s maybe some truth to it. A theory/model that has been developed, called the growth rings, is a good way to explain the kickstart that I’ve subconsciously been working towards.

The basis of this theory is that repetition is the killer of time and growth. It’s commonly said that as soon as you hit certain age milestones like 25, 30, 40 etc your life just begins to accelerate and then you wake up at 60, and think to yourself where did that go? Similar to your daily commute to work, sometimes you can’t even remember driving to work. This is repetition, a state in which your brain goes to sleep, auto-pilot takes over, and time disappears. For some people, this can be your whole working career, as we all like the comfort of a secure job, usually because you have monthly commitments like your mortgage to pay.

I’ve done this for the last ten years, and I think in the last few years my subconscious has been plotting and scheming against my rational brain. I’ve been taking small steps towards the complexity ring (growth rings theory). This is a state where you’re experiencing new things, and you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. There’s more risk in your life, and you’re starting to learn new things and you begin to grow again. Similar to your early years in life, when you think time stands still and you remember each day. Travel is a good method of taking you into this state, and this seems to be the tool that I have subconsciously chosen for myself.

Earlier on in my journey and from the very start in the “about” page, I’ve been talking about these small steps that I’ve been taking. Not really knowing why I’m doing this, but knowing that I have to take this path. Sometimes questioning everything, and wondering if I’m having an early midlife crisis, but realising that I only doubt myself when I compare myself to other people’s situations, and their truth. Everyone has a journey and there are many paths to take, and the path that is right for someone else isn’t necessarily the right path for me.


So, I find myself back in the complexity ring, and certainly not regretting anything so far. I’ve given myself back the gift of time, and as I continue to grow, I’ve opened myself up to concepts that I would have laughed at before. I’ve been spending more time considering important issues like the environment, and how I want to work towards a more sustainable life. (This is giving me a little turmoil in my head as I love engines and specifically motorbikes). Also stripping back the filters that are imposed on us every day. Social conditioning, that forces us to think a certain way, and leads us to conclusions like this is right and that is wrong. Maybe there is no right and wrong, there’s just an outcome that has been created through conditioning and applying filters. I’ve started to search for the tools to discover my truth.


To be continued……..


Ps I think I’m getting closer to my yellow van!

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