Selling Out for Views

Recently I’ve been spending time looking into how I can get views. I’ve spent a lot of time putting down my thoughts on this stage of my life, and I want people to see it. My original motivation was to “showcase what I’m doing, to connect with people that have similar ideas, or to help and inspire.” I think I’ve lost my way a little, trying to explore ways to gain more views and in doing so my gut feeling is telling me this isn’t the right path.

I’ve looked into loads of travel bloggers that are making money from their websites, and justifying it to themselves by saying that it’s funding their lifestyle as they get sent to various locations and experience the cultures of the world. Looking into it further, I struggle to get any picture of the person, their journey or anything genuine from them at all. I’m just cleverly deceived into another form of advertising, usually disguised as a young girl travelling the world having a super, awesome, amazing time. I’ve realised that I’m looking at the social media version of travelling, which is heavily filtered.

Reading one person’s guide to travelling blogging, I’ve discovered that most people don’t even use their own pictures. You can just search for professional travel images to use, as long as you stay within the criteria of the copyright terms, you can use a photographers image for free.

The social media virus has such a strong pull, that even I’m almost getting sucked back in. This is a conscious choice. I’m not going on the hunt for views, I don’t want to spend my time travelling in search of Wi-Fi, so that I can comment online and in-turn generate views for my own site. I’m not going to spend my time pinning, hash tagging, commenting, liking or sharing. I’m going to spend my time living.

I would like to make my experience searchable, but that is the extent. Making a true account of my experiences, both good and bad is the goal, and if that results in one view, at least it’s one genuine view.

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