Malgrat de Mar

Great little spot just above Barcelona. Park up for free with no restrictions, you can literally park right next to the beach. There’s three or four big campsites all along the front, we picked one and walked straight in (Resort El Pla) then you have free use of the swimming pool, showers an amenities block. As long as you walk in with conviction you will be fine, most of the time there’s no-one hanging about to check who’s coming and going, and when there is someone loitering, I don’t think they know who’s a paid resident and who’s not – Top campervan hack there.


There’s loads of stray cats in Spain, this one came to say hello. Piercing blue eyes, but he turned his nose up to a nice piece of brie, so stray cats must be doing pretty well around here.

Best Man Duties

Girona Airport just above Barcelona flies straight to Bournemouth until the end of October, so we jumped on a plane for a three week holiday in sunny England.

Not a bad idea as August in France and Spain is bloomin hot!

One of my friends has finally admitted that I’m the best man. He’s held a ceremony for me and bought me a new suit for the occasion, I even get to give a speech!

Coincidentally I think he got married on the same day too.

Nick & Hayley - Group

Highcliffe Castle, Bournemouth – Darren Lovell Photography

(Don’t Ushers just remind you of Oompa Loompas?)

My Best man Speech in case anyone needs to borrow a line or two.

Firstly, let me introduce myself, for those of you that haven’t bought me a drink yet, my name is Dan and I am one of the best men today.

Dave, the other best man (you can’t miss him, he’s the one in the beard), Dave has opted out of giving a speech, as he was a bit of a bad boy when he was younger, so all the stories he could possibly tell about Nick would definitely incriminate himself also…

I of course, don’t have to worry about this, as I was always the good one of the group, so I get to give the best man speech.

I would however like to mention that I am a complete novice at public speaking, and I have an overwhelming urge to prove this to you today.

I’m also a slow reader. So, bear with me, we’ll get through this!

So anyway, to recap out of the three of us you have the good…… the bad…… and……… Nick Loader – everybody!

I’ll start by saying – Hayley, your bridesmaids have done a wonderful job today, firstly in getting you to the castle almost on time, but more importantly helping you get ready for your big day, I’m sure everyone will agree you look absolutely stunning.

I can only apologise, we did our best with Nick, but we are only best men and we have limited skills with makeup…

and the ushers had already used all the eyelashes.

No, I’m only joking, I think Nick’s a good-looking chap. Like a young Burt Reynolds – some might say. I’m just a little upset that he copied my outfit today.

So, as always, I do have a list of things that I’m not supposed to mention.

Firstly, the fact that Nick had dreadlocks when he was younger, but more Importantly, I’m not allowed to tell you the real reason he had to cut them off.

I definitely can’t mention the story about Nick waking up drunk in a toilet at Gatwick Airport after a night out in Bournemouth.

I certainly can’t mention how much Nick’s cars actually cost,

And paying tax is also a bit of a dodgy subject.

I think between Nick and his mum they could probably give Google a few lessons in accounting.

My first memory of Nick was when he had quite an impressive afro

(another of his many hairstyles), this was during his Corfe Hills years, I think he even died it bright red at one stage, possibly getting him suspended from school. My mum described him as the loveable rogue, I’m sure a few of the teachers may have used slightly different words.

Later that year we became good friends through sharing a common interest, an interest that many people here today also shared. We all enjoyed injuring ourselves on small bicycles.

Nick did have quite a nasty crash one day, sliding along Slades Farm bowl on his face….

Slades Farm was pretty special place for us growing up, it’s where we met quite a lot of questionable characters, most of whom are here today, it’s also where loader taught me to do turndowns, and how to manual. (that’s doing a wheelie, in non-BMX terms)

One of the best times we shared together was when we managed to round up nine fine young gentlemen and we took ourselves off to travel around California and Nevada, to see if we could injure ourselves abroad. Yes, most of us managed this, on the trip we got kicked out of motels, thrown out of bars, crashed some expensive trucks, drank some apple tini’s, maxed out credit cards, and Nick became a Las Vegas showgirl.

Nick also gained one of his many nick names from this trip.

Being an only child, he tends to like having things his own way, and if he can’t…. he has been known to get a little sulky. I’m sure Hayley is well aware of this characteristic by now. Along with being called sulky he’s also been referred to as Dr Nick from the Simpsons, and his own personal favourite….. Steve Coogan.

So, to round off my speech, here we are, despite the odds we’ve made it to our thirties, you’ve just got married, and as Baz Luhrman quite wisely said, Understand that friends come and go, but for the precious few you should hold on. Work hard to bridge the gaps in geography and lifestyle because the older you get, the more you need the people who knew you when you were young.

Nick, from the first time I turned up at the end of your drive, with my mongoose villain BMX bike, asking if you wanted to go ride the mini ramp, I knew we would be buddies, and on behalf Dave and myself it’s been an absolute honour serving you today as your best men, and we wish you all the happiness as you enter into married life.

If you would all stand and join me in a toast to the happy couple.

To a long life together filled with happiness, adventure, x-box and shopping.