Cunit – Barcelona

With miles of beach front, this place is stunning. It’s more of a locals gem rather than a tourist trap. Keep driving North along the beach front and you soon come to an unused area opposite the train station. This sits right on the beach, and you can see you van clearly as you take a swim, which will give you peace of mind. If you can lock your van down, you could jump on the train, this will take you all the way into the Barcelona City centre. Otherwise, just enjoy a few days on the beach. There are showers, and toilets along the front, and we haven’t had any issues here at all.

As we finished clearing dinner up one evening a Samba style drum band started kicking off on the promenade right next the van. As part of a little festival (Sam Sam Festival) they stomped up and down with some serious Spanish sass (Tympanum).

I didn’t get a video, but here they are in action.


We’ve had crazy German neighbours for the last three days. They’re a sweet couple in their late sixties, possibly early seventies. They’re staying true to the gammy leg theory of mine, and they’ve given us quite a lot of entertainment so far. He’s an amateur Radio enthusiast, and has erected a Doc Brown style weather experiment. He’s connected a wire from a huge antenna mounted on his van to a nearby metal lamp post. His first attempt met great opposition to Spanish locals, as they promenaded up and down, as a potential hazard for unknowing cyclists that may get clothes-lined by his contraption. They also have a cat travelling with them, who is tied to the van with a long lead, in the same way a dog would be. This did not meet the approval of a small group of Spanish ladies that passed by. We’ve had many in depth discussions with them, but sadly I have no idea what about. They start the conversation in extremely bad English, quickly give up and just finish the sentence in fast paced German. We have, of course, nodded at the appropriate times, and tried not to show the fact we have no idea what they’re on about.

They’re good neighbours though, and we’ve established a you go for a swim and we’ll watch the van policy. Despite them being bonkers, it’s working out great.

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