Eucaliptus Beach

As always we haven’t got a clue where we’re headed other than south. So we opened up google maps and pin pointed a huge expanse of green, right on a beach that stretched for miles, and assumed there must be somewhere to camp there. So we packed up and shipped out of Cunit, with an urge to explore again rather than stay put, despite being in a very comfortable, free camp spot. With funds still healthy, but noticeably decreased after Barcelona, we have a goal to drive all the way around Spain, Gibraltar and Portugal and emerge back in the north to catch the Santander Ferry back to old Blighty to re-stock and MOT the van for next year.

We stopped for lunch at Salou, but quickly realised it’s just a little purpose built tourist town (one to avoid). We managed to sift through all the expensive carparks and found Cap de Salou. Quite a nice little view point, but very windy. I went for a quick look while Verity knocked up some spicy tomato concoction for lunch.

We arrive at Eucaliptus and like numpties we took a drive along the beach. Driving on the well worn track is fine, but deviate closer to the sea and you can quickly start digging trenches with your wheels. The van started to slow, and I knew what was inevitably going to happen, I turned the GoPro off immediately as to not catch my stupidity on camera, and came to a sandy halt. The next hour consisted of digging, swearing, letting down tyre pressures and finally reversing our way out of an embarrassing display of tourists being muppets. It’s like a natural bear trap, enticing tourists closer to the pretty beach, only to trap their campervans and motorhomes and gobble them up.

We also were randomly attacked by a swarm of overgrown dragonfly type creatures. Which didn’t help matters.

Once free we went back to the entrance where there’s a shower and good shade from a lot of tree cover. This is a great place to camp, despite a sign saying no camping or motorhomes. It’s September, so I doubt anyone really cares now that peak season is over. The town is a bit of a “locals” place, but the beaches are stunning and definitely worth a visit.


There’s a little huddle of Campers, so we parked up for the night and decided to treat ourselves to to ‘Danny, the Champion of the World’ on audio book while having dinner, and then later an episode of Desmond and his crazy antics in Norfolk. (Normal for Norfolk)

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