Deliverance 2

From the success of the last time, where we picked a big expanse of green next to the beach and drove there, we tried this method again. This should have been a non-starter because the road quickly ended and we started driving along an unpaved track that was getting progressively worse (Parc Naturel de la Serra d’Irta). We kept going slowly, and ended up at a little secluded beach with a big white building next to it. It was all locked up and bars covered every door and every window. There were a few motorhomes in the car park and it looked ideal for one night, although I did get a strange vibe from the moment we arrived. I voiced this uneasy feeling to Verity immediately and we quickly dismissed it as being silly. As dusk started to fall, one by one, all the cars and even all the motorhomes left. We found ourselves alone, in a small car park, nowhere near any civilisation. It was pitch black except for the white building, still deserted, but now lit up inside. It looked creepy as, and I felt an overwhelming urge to get the hell out of there. We were halfway through cooking dinner at this point, so leaving would have been inconvenient. We braved it through dinner and clearing up, but the uneasy feeling kept growing, and something didn’t feel right. Not wanting to play the star role in Deliverance 2, I made the decision that we were leaving. We quickly packed up, ready to drive, and continued down the twisty coastal track hoping to pop out the other end. We made it out, and neither of us had to squeal like a pig, so it was a success. Something didn’t feel right about that place, or maybe I’m just being a big whoopsy, but I trust my gut feeling and I think we did the right thing.


I would avoid this place because of the road condition alone, but also the beach and the view didn’t really justify the hassle of getting there.  Maybe it’s just tainted in my mind and it’s really a lovely place, but I think you could skip this area completely without missing out on anything, and your van would thank you for it too.

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