Catalonians Vote for Independence

Spain’s kickin off at the minute. The Spanish government are doing all in their power to stop the Catalan people having a referendum to gain independence from Spain. The Spanish government are playing dirty, so there’s loads of protests being held to ensure the people get their democratic right on the 1st October 2017.

We came across the start of a protest in Granada, and were quickly diverted by the police away from the area. We’ve also seen a lot of banners for the support of their right to vote as we’ve travelled through all parts of Spain, not just in Catalonia.

Good on them. Catalonia has been repressed in the past, and it has also been a criminal offence to speak Catalan under the Franco regime. With lots of their history dismissed and literature scrapped they’re fighting back. Similar to the Basque Country, we’ve found people are very proud of their heritage, and are taking steps to keep the traditions and languages alive.

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