While trying to remain positive about this region, we are getting increasingly more attracted to Portugal, and driving straight through the south of Spain altogether.

If you read the guide books you will likely hear a load of guff about how you should visit the Alhambra in Granada and the Meqzuita-Catedral de Cordoba.

I’ve never been one for tourist attractions, and I’ve also never been one for throwing money away. These two cities are basically set up to sting tourists who have read in guide books that you simply must visit these attractions. I’m sure they’re wonderful for a day trip, and they even feature highly on world heritage site lists. I take exception to the whole city taking advantage of this, and cashing in. Local, very tired looking, campsites are 30 Euros per night and in addition the locals try to short change you, car theft is extremely high and you have to drive to the arse end of nowhere to try and see them. There’s nothing else worth mentioning in either of these cities, basically just avoid them altogether. I just wish there were more honest reviews that I could read, so we could have just avoided the south of Spain altogether. I think people don’t want to lose face in saying their holidays to these places were rubbish, but I wish they would be honest and save others the pain of finding this out for themselves.

Anyway, this is my honest review, and a lot of the negativity is from driving for hours in extremely hot temperatures through arid wastelands to be rewarded with less than genuine people trying to make a quick buck from me. I would suggest if you wish to see attractions such as these, go to Morocco, and get the genuine experience. On principle we decided not to spend our time and money in this area. In an attempt to displace ourselves we listened to some Sherlock holmes stories on our drive, and to be honest this was the best part of the last few days.

In comparison, Barcelona was 18 Euros per night for a campsite on the beach, that was modern, had a good mix of interesting people and right next to a metro line to the city. The city itself is inspiring. Everywhere you look you are rewarded with stunning architecture, you can feel the life and the buzz. Valencia was the  chilled out version of Barcelona, and this was 12 Euros per night. We had a fantastic time in both, and we’re looking to continue that high.

We’re now in a nice campsite in Seville. We were going to persist with Cordoba, but funnily enough we we’re driving away from the wrongly named “El Brilliante” campsite, because it was tired and overpriced, and en route to the next campsite we actually saw a signpost with Seville on it. We both looked at each other, and quickly agreed, lets just get out of here. We’ve ended the day with a lovely swim, a nice shower and cooked a crackin dinner. It’s the simple pleasures that make all the difference, but also not having to pay inflated prices for it.



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