Saved by Seville

We caught the bus into town, unaware of the absolute treat that was in store for us. Stepping off into a bustling street with cars and scooters flying about, in a daze we wander down the road a little and notice most people are making their way through a very elegant arched doorway. We presume it must be a free museum, or a least a good starting point to our city adventure. Verity hangs back preparing her camera, and I wander off unsupervised. I clamber up a few steps and round a central pillar that blocks the view from the entrance, and I’m stopped dead in my tracks. I can’t quite take in what I’m seeing, it’s too much if you’re not expecting it. We’ve stumbled into a side entrance for the Plaza de Espana, as my eyes adjust from the shaded dim light of the entrance I’m hit with full spectrum of light as I emerge into this:


Also used in the filming of Star Wars Episode II – Attack of the clones. This building is ridiculous, and we wandered around in awe for about an hour. The rest of Seville is great too. In the same vein as the cities in the North of Spain, ancient buildings keep jumping out at you with every corner.  Take a peaceful walk along the other side of the river and there’s a really cool motorbike cafe. They have a brand new KTM Duke 1290, and a Royal Enfield Continental GT just sat in the windows. Moving on – as I know this doesn’t interest most people, Seville is a city that you can just wander around, and you can easily spend two days here.


We treated ourselves to a menu of the day again at one of the restaurants in the centre, and a Spanish chap started belting out some Gypsy Kings type of music. He was really good, and was the cherry on the cake of our perfect day exploring.


We stayed at the Villsom campsite, and we can recommend this as a good site to stay at. The pool is really nice, and the facilities are really clean. We paid 21 Euros per night, which is a bit too expensive if you ask me, but it enabled us to see Seville knowing the van was safe. The bus to the centre was really easy from this site, and you will get all the info from the helpful reception.

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