Toledo by Night


A little fed up of Portugal we decided to take a fairly extensive detour to the middle of Spain. Probably somewhere we were going to skip, we finally decided that it would be great to include a trip to the Capital as we had already stopped by most of the major Spanish cities. On our way we found Toledo, a fortified city, winding it’s way up a hill. Castles, Palaces, Cathedrals and Mosques all bundled neatly into one little picturesque area. The city expands outside the walls and is surrounded by a river, creating a great little place to camp. There’s a campsite called El Greco that we didn’t use due to a dispute with the guy on reception. Feeling confused and guilty we read a few trip adviser reviews, and this confirmed to us that he is generally a little emotional, reading some reviews about him dramatically ripping up maps at guests. Alternatively there’s a really big carpark that is completely unrestricted (Esplanada de Tierra). We camped here for two nights, and had no issues, other than – even in early October this area is crazy-hot!

Take a walk around at night when everything is lit up and the tourists have been carted off, by their coaches, to there chosen holding pens. Most of the bars and restaurants remain open well into the night so treat yourself to a glass of wine and take in the stunning views over the city. Being described as a city of three cultures you get a real mix of influences in the architecture, with a  Christian, Muslim and Jewish history.


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