Heading over to the Galicia Coast, somewhere that I’ve been excited about seeing from the start of our trip. Only hearing good things about this area, we were not let down. This coastal stretch of North West Spain is a hidden gem. Leaving that sun scorched feeling of central Spain behind us, it was a pleasure to see green forests, beaches and flowing rivers again. Right up my street, so much so that I would actually consider moving here. The only stumbling block is – how to make some dosh, as tourism hasn’t really hit this area yet.

We arrived at Vigo, having not done any research, to discover it’s quite big. We’re feeling a little city’d out, and in desperate need of little seaside havens, we started driving up the coast. Stumbling into a toll gate, we needed to enlist Sat Nav’s help to avoid further tolls. After remembering a recommendation from the couple that were bound for Africa, we typed in Muros and hoped for the best. This paid off, and as we rolled through town we came to carpark near the small fishing harbour. Loosening the purse strings a little we had finally found a place that serves toastado con aceite y tomate (tomato and olive oil on toast) – a traditional Spanish breakfast, served with a coffee or tea, you can order two for a little over 5 Euros – It’s so good to be back in Spain! (Restaurante A Muradana) We had a wander around the back streets and popped out near the small docks. Muros isn’t a big place, but great for breakfast or lunch.


We carried on as it didn’t quite tick all the boxes for staying over night and we soon came to San Francisco beach. Literally 2 minutes around the corner this is a great place to park up. We stayed here for two nights., and spent two hot days on the beach. The car park is on a bit of a slope, but if you get the bottom spot you can park right next to a stunning beach with showers and good shade from the sun. A bakery vans pulls up at the top of the car-park in the morning, and the cafe at the top with the conservatory type add on (green cover) has a toilet that you can use if you buy a tea or coffee for 1 Euro. We did this trick and ended up having toast and a croissant too as it was so cheap. The owner was a nice chap that tried really hard to give very good service. We looked on google maps for a nearby shop as we had run out of food, but nothing was (lazy) walking distance away. We also felt the urge to move on, so we packed up in search of some food. Teaching us not to rely on technology so much, just up the road was a fantastic little independent food shop – that seemed to have everything. The eggs were laid from her own hens, and the veg was as fresh as it comes. Next stop Fisterra.


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