Praia Das Catedrais, Ribadeo


There’s a motorhome park up here, it’s out of the way and perfect to break up a long drive and get some fresh air. It is a little tourist spot though and you will see coach loads of them, all in the latest walking gear. They will pile into the carpark when the tides out, go down the steps and stand on the beach, take photos then all huddle in the cafe/restaurant and buy an overpriced burnt coffee, then disappear almost as quickly.

As with most Spanish places of interest the toilet facilities are locked, and it’s been quite amusing watching all the tourists and campervan residents taking the same short walk into the neighbouring field, acting as though they have a great fascination in this particular area, then darting behind the little hedge which offers the only privacy for miles.


If you take the time to be in the place that you have come to see, you can not only tick the box, but you can also have a walk along the cliff tops while watching all the waves crashing heavily into the rocky coastline. It’s a lovely feeling taking a windy clifftop walk and returning to the van and in good old English fashion, “stickin’ kettle on.”

It’s like a smaller – not as good version of the twelve apostles on the great ocean road, but still worth a visit, and a decent place to park up.


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