Fast Track Back to Old Blighty

Unfortunately this leg of the journey has come to an end. With funds running low, and being less inclined to do workaway, we have to head home to find well-paid work. I was hoping to be able to pick up some more cash jobs and maybe even some professional-type work while travelling, but this was harder than I had anticipated. I still need to incorporate the simpler way of life into what lies ahead and travel has definitely focused my attention to ideals such as – living without excess, being ethical and thoughtful of the impact we are making.

We were actually starting to miss England – if you can believe it! Not the weather, that will always be rubbish unless climate change works in our favour one day, but the British culture is something special and I’ve missed it. The sarky weird sense of humour we have, but also how far ahead Britain is. We have so many options available to us in Britain that you may not see, but once you take them away they become quite important. As we’ve travelled around we have definitely become more focused on our goals for when we get back.

Workaway was a funny old experience. In some ways it worked quite well and in others it didn’t work at all. A lot of people just want cheap labour and to lord it over you while you do their dirty work, but there are still random workaways that made our journey something special. In reflection we were happy that we included workaway as part of our experience, but it is quite tricky to balance what’s expected of you and not being taken for granted.  Communication is key, but awkward situations arise, comms break down and you can leave feeling either used or unappreciated. We didn’t need to rely on workaway as we could live more than comfortably in our camper parked up on the beaches, but for us it was a way to meet people, integrate and find out all the great places to go from the locals. We are really grateful for the awesome places we stayed, and those positives really do outweigh the negatives from the other places we stayed.

What’s next – make some improvements to the van, earn some money and then see what happens. I think the simple life idea only really works for a short time, you quickly start to feel like you need some purpose: unless you want to sit on your own in a cabin in the woods you do need to re-engage with the world. I’ve released myself from the “having to work to pay the mortgage commitment”, so that I can now look upon work as an exciting new opportunity.

I would highly recommend taking a trip like this to anybody and even if you can only get a three month sabbatical, jump at it. Keep your options open and remember life begins at the end of your comfort zone.


One thought on “Fast Track Back to Old Blighty

  1. We’ve really enjoyed watching your travels😊
    We’ve been back about a week, jeez it’s cold! Check out Morocco next time, your last sentence sums it all up perfectly “life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” It’s maybe a love or hate place but for somewhere so near it’s so different.
    Russ and Marie


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