Stepping back into the online world after disconnecting from all forms of social media, I would like an outlet to showcase what I’m doing, to connect with people that have similar ideas, or to help and inspire. Following my general ethos of “doing things for yourself” I decided to build a website rather than use an existing platform such as Facebook or Twitter. I will try not to rant about social media and smart phones zombies, but I can’t promise anything.

In a consumer world, unless you’re very well funded, you will never have it all, and you will never have enough. There’s always an update just around the corner, the latest model, that’s slightly faster or better.  I’m trying to promote the idea of building something for yourself.

To keep the world ticking over, you are constantly fooled into striving for a certain lifestyle, where you aspire to own things, material possessions that you can show off. My message is literally to stop buying into it! I can’t see it happening, but wouldn’t you love to see what happens if people decided not to live in debt anymore. If you were encouraged to modify what you have rather than throw it away and take out finance. You may realise new potential when you haven’t got those additional monthly commitments suffocating you, it’s simply living without excess.

I’ve been trying to take back my life in various ways. Firstly to free my mind from the smart phone disease. I didn’t realise the mental weight of owning a smart phone, without ranting as promised, this was a massive step for me.

Secondly, selling my toys. The BMW car, the Suzuki motorbike, and the Cannondale Carbon Fibre Road bike. Sounds impressive (at least it did to me) but I didn’t rightfully own any of them, the bank did. This in turn cancelled two insurance policies, two lots of road tax, two fuel bills etc, and left me with zero debt. Every sale left me feeling lighter, and freed up spaces in my head that were almost permanently engaged with what I can buy next.

The first two steps started something rolling in my mind, as this idea built up momentum my imagination was allowed to consider thoughts along the lines of quitting my job, renting out the house and travelling around Europe. All of a sudden ideas that were nothing more than a brief fantasy started to seem possible.

Three years prior to this, in a “field of dreams” type way, I started to build a campervan. With no real reason or purpose, other than it was something I felt I should do. Naïve to how much this task may actually cost, and how long it may take, I bought a Ford Transit and started the build. Sometimes only spurred on by knowing that it will only ever be worth something when it was finished, I had to keep on building it.

Along side this, I also had a burning desire to build a café racer style motorcycle. These two builds can be seen in detail under their own heading in the menu above.

The idea was cemented in my mind when a round of redundancies were offered at work. All of a sudden, like a dream, the fully formed idea of the trip was presented to me by my brain, as if subconsciously I had been planning it for months, It just needed something to trigger it. This was that very event, and I jumped at it.

Excitement and nerves are a scary combination. The not knowing what may happen, but knowing you’re in, you are committed, sold, jumping in with both feet. Eek! is this stupid or could it be everything. Either way It’s now happening.

Follow the Journey if you want.


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